Buckner Barber School

Course Costs and Payment

Course:  Class "A" Barber

Hours Required 1500   (12 months/50 Weeks)

Tuition:                            $9,025.00

Tools and Supplies:          $600.00

Text Books                        $225.00

State Fees:                        $ 25.00

Registration Fees:             $150.00

Total Cost                    $10,025.00

The overall cost of attendance of the barber program is $10,025.00. Buckner Barber School Inc. also offers a payment plan for student who wishes to pay out of pocket for the program.

A down payment of $1,025.00 is required at the time of registration. The balance of $9000.00 to be paid in 11 equal monthly payments of $818.18

BARBER KIT                                                                  Quantity

ANDIS CLIPPERS COMBO            ---------------------              1pk   

INJECTOR STRAIGHT RAZOR       --------------------              1pc

CUTTING CAPE                               -----------------------           1 pc

SHEARS 7 ½                                    -------------------------         1 pc

NECK DUSTER                              --------------------------         1 pc

MANNEQUIN HEAD                     --------------------------           1 pc

SMOCK (1)                                      -------------------------          1 pc

TOOL CASE                                    -------------------------          1 pc

COMBS                                           -------------------------            2pc

Milady's Standard Prof. Barbering Book ------------  1 pc

ISBN-13: 978-1-4354-9715-3, ISBN-10: 1-4354-9715-5

Milady's Standard Pro. Barbering Exam Review ----   1 pc

ISBN-13: 978-1-4354-9712-2, ISBN-10: 1-4354-9712-0



The Texas department of Licensing & Regulations sets the following requirements for graduation:

Before a student can graduate from the Class “A” Barber program here at the Buckner Barber School, the student must:

1.      The student must have accumulated hours required to complete course of choice (1500 hours  or 300 clock hours)

2.      The student must have a cumulative  GPA of 75% or greater.

3.      All monies owed to BBS must be paid prior to graduation and release of hours to the state.


1.       Complete 1500  or 300 Clock Hour barber course in a licensed barber school

2.       Provide a valid  Texas identification (drivers license, state identification card; or a govt. issued passport)

3.       Pass both the written and practical examinations (must pass written portion before you can schedule to take the practical portion of the test)

4.       Pay a $55.00 fee for the written portion of the test and a $78.00 fee for the practical portion of the test. (all fees are payable to PSI who administer the test)

5.       Additionally pay a $55.00 licensing fee to Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations  after you pass both tests for your license to be issued.

* * *       Please note that all monies owed the school including but not limited to charges for outstanding miscellaneous fees, services and time beyond contract must be paid in full. The student is also responsible for getting all documents including his money order for the examination and the postage.


Scholarship and Fee Waiver

In house scholarships or fee waivers may be offered solely at the discretion of the school Director to a student based on merit or need.