Barber Instructor 500 Program

The Mission of the Barber Instructor 500 program at BBS is to provide a program of education, which results in a student who has the necessary skill to become a licensed barber instructor and to enter the job market at an entry level position.

The student instructor with 1-year experience is allowed 4 months to complete postgraduate course of 500 clock hours at 30 hours per week for 17 consecutive weeks  for Full-Time Student Instructor.

No person may enroll in a instructor’s course before receiving a certificate of registration as a Class A Barber.

Your total cost per program will be the total tuition cost plus $150.00 admission fee, $25.00 Enrollment Fee. Also, the cost of Tools and Books are not included in the Tuition Cost they are additional and should be purchased by the student. The total cost for the Instructor program including all charges is $6,175.00

The 500 clock hours curriculum to prepare a student for the examination for the instructor license(Barber Instructor) is broken down into 125 hours of theoretical instructions and 375 hours of instruction in practical work.

The content and duration assigned to each category of this curriculum will be determined based on the student instructor’s performance and ability.


  • To train our students in current instructional areas.
  • To be able to write a lesson plan
  • Supervise student’s work performance.
  • To prepare our students for the state board of barber examination
  • Supervise clinic floor work
Program NameBarber Instructor 500 (With 1 Year Experience)
CIP Code12.0413
Clock Hours500 (6.0 Clock Hours per day)
Program Length4 months (17 weeks)
Total Tuition $6,175.00