Barber Instructor 750-Hour Curriculum:

Requirement for enrollment. No person may enroll in an instructor’s course in an approved barber school before receiving the appropriate license.
*Please note that an instructor license is no longer required in the state of TX to become an instructor. Please see our Instructor Program disclaimer.
The curriculum for the 750-hour barber instructor license must be completed in a course of not less than 20 weeks as follows:

Program Cost and Fees:

Course: Instructor 750-Hour
Hours Required 750 (6 months/23 Weeks)

Tuition: $11,250.00
State Fees: $ 25.00
Instructor Kit: $800.00
Registration Fee: $150.00
Total Cost $12,225.00

The overall cost of tuition for the Barber Instructor 750-hour program is $12,225.00. Buckner Barber School also offers a payment plan for students who wish to pay out of pocket for the program.
A complete barbering kit is optional and can be added for an additional $1,850.
A down payment is required at the time of registration. The balance is to be paid in monthly or weekly payments throughout the course until the balance is paid in full.